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PewTang Clan

If clicking on a link below takes you to a YouTube channel, you're welcome, you learned something. If it takes you to a parts and supplies resource, you're've found a trusted honey hole.


Hand made USA Holsters for Polymer 80 and Sig builds. Try code V4vedder.


Nation's Largest 80% Pistol Retailer and our oldest industry partner.  The most economical and dependable aftermarket pistol kits you can find.


Firearms Parts- huge selection at fair prices.  These guys are always my first stop when I'm hunting an individual component.


The Mag Dump- I rarely bother shopping around for magazines anymore.  Always something on sale and always flat rate shipping per order.

CHANNELS that don't suck

angry truth.jpg

the TRUTH you need to hear. Also checkout The Angry Prepper channel to help you survive.

9mm Extendo and Value-packs


OEM 33-rd 9mm



ETS 31-rd 9mm



Magpul 10-pack 21-rd



KCI 50-rd 9mm



Magpul 10-pack 17-rd



ETS 22-rd 9mm

USPSA - $17


Magpul 21-rd 9mm

USPSA - $17


Magpul 10-pack 15-rd


IMG_2007 (1)_edited.jpg

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

SOME of the partner sites i have linked pay me a commission when someone uses my link.  Some of these cats only offer a discount to my family.  I buy and use stuff from every single one of them, and trust them, and I'd never steer you wrong.  Thanks for stopping by, and PLEASE stay safe, stay ready, and have fun!

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